Home of Kurt Guntheroth, Software Engineer

This is the humble (in html terms very humble) home of Kurt Guntheroth, software developer in Seattle, Washington, USA. I have significant experience and interest in C++ development, development methodologies, networking protocols and communication, optimization, and fixed-point arithmetic.

Here is my resume (PDF). I have a LinkedIn profile and a boring Facebook page. I sometimes blog about software development and corporate culture.


I sometimes teach optimization techniques to developers. I may be available for consulting on projects. Call me at (206) 669-9474 to talk about what I can do for your organization.

Optimized C++ Book

My first book, Optimized C++, was published by O'Reilly in May 2016. I sincerely welcome your feedback. Contact information is in the book.

A zipfile of the code archive is here, and coming soon to GitHub. The archive is not particularly well organized, as it is an ongoing experiment. There are no Visual Studio project files, as these seem to change with every C++ version. If I get feedback, I may try to tidy it up a little.

Here are some errata (PDF) for Optimized C++.

Check out my blog for additional optimization articles.

Fixed-Point Arithmetic Template Class in C++

Some people arrive at this web site looking for my efficient fixed-point arithmetic template class. I published an article in C++ Technical Review in 2005, before the internet killed print media. An updated version of the paper and code is here. If you fix any bugs please let me know.